A game inspired by Voltorb Flip from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Flip over cards and multiply your score, but watch out for the bombs!

How to play:

  • Look at the indicators on the left and the bottom of the board. The top number is the total points in that row/column. The bottom number is the bomb count in that row/column.
  • Proceed by elimination to find the cards most likely to give you high numbers.
  • Tap a selected card again to flip it, or use the FLIP button.
  • The first card you flip will be your starting score, and the next cards will multiply your score by 1, 2 or 3. A bomb will drop your score to zero and end the game.
  • To win a game, flip over all the 2 and 3 cards.
  • When you win, the level increases by 1. It decreases by 1 when you lose.
  • The level determines the amount of points, but also the number of bombs. Higher levels offer higher rewards, but a higher risk as well.
  • The four numbered buttons allow you to make notes on each card to help determine their value. The larger pencil button toggles all the notes on a card. Use notes to your advantage!

I do NOT claim to own this game's base concept. Thanks a bunch to Gamefreak/Pokémon for coming up with such an amazing and addicting puzzle game concept.

Also thanks to all the people who already made clones of Voltorb Flip, who inspired me to make my own. Most notably: thanks to ianjsikes for making FLIP OUT (Voltorb Flip clone for PICO-8) here on itch!

Install instructions

Android: Open the APK file (make sure to allow installations from unkown sources)

Windows/Linux: Unzip the archive and run the executable


Roboflip Android 21 MB
Roboflip Windows 12 MB
Roboflip Linux/X11 14 MB

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